MediaFramework 3/31/2011

MediaFramework update 3/11/2011 has been uploaded via SVN.

Major changes:

  • DirectShow and TunerLib assemblies (for COM interop) have been merged into a new assembly: MediaFramework.Native. This will make it easier to tweak our COM interfaces and for adding classes that will communicate with the underlying OS.
  • WPF support was removed from the Video Mixing Renderer. There was a really weird error dealing with the loading of the PresenationCore assembly when the exception should have been of a COMException type when the VMR fails to load. If someone wants to implement WPF, do so in another assembly.
  • TV tuning is on the fritz. We are trying to migrate from WDM to BDA to allow for HDTV capture.
  • All classes in the MediaFramework.Native folder in the MediaFramework assembly have been moved into the new MediaFramework.Native assembly. This is the preferred location for any interop code.

That's all in this update. We will try to have the next update ready as soon as possible.

MediaFramework Team

P.S. If someone also wants to implement DVB support, feel free to do so. I live in the US so we need someone who lives in a country other than the US or Japan to implement it or has a DVB card.